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Tara Flandreau
violinist/violist/composer/improviser /educator
Tara has performed and recorded with many great improvisers in the US and abroad, including Peter Kowald, Joelle Leandre, Gianni Gebbia, Saadet Turkoz, Marco Eneidi, Glenn Spearman, Eugene Chadbourne, Jack Wright, John Schott, Bert Turetzky, ROVA Saxophone Quartet, Garth Powell, Douglas Ewart, Oluyeme Thomas, Matthew Goodheart, Jonathan Segel, Dominic Duval and Phillip Greenlief.

Her trio CD with bassist Reuben Radding and oboe/English hornist Carrie Shull was released last June to rave reviews. She has also recorded with John Schott’s Ensemble Diglossia, and two CD’s with the The American Jungle Orchestra, a creative improvising orchestra. Performances include the SF Alt Festival with the Emergency String Quartet, solo and duo performances at the CESTA Festival and Jeleny 9 in the Czech Republic, concerts with Eugene Chadbourne in NC, the Seattle Improv Festival with Thingsome Q, and NY performances and recordings with Daniel Carter, Jack Wright, Chris Hoffman, Adam Lane, and Reuben Radding.

Recent CD releases include the Rogue State Ensemble, a New York based string and quitar ensemble with multi reed/wind player Daniel Carter.

Recent performances of her compositions include the premiere of 2 new duo piano pieces in October 2005 at the Seattle Art Museum, and inclusion in the Interval series of music and video pairings at Seattle's Consolidated Works in February 2006.

Tara is currently based in the SF Bay Area in her native California.
CDs on which Tara Flandreau appears:
Eneidi-Spearman Creative Music Orchestra Eneidi-Spearman Creative Music Orchestra
Artist: Eneidi-Spearman Creative Music Orchestra
Title: Eneidi-Spearman Creative Music Orchestra
Label: Music and Arts CD-980
Label page on this site: Music and Arts
Music and Arts CD-980
Marco Eneidi American Jungle Orchestra
Artist: Marco Eneidi
Title: American Jungle Orchestra
Label: Botticelli 1012-13
Label page on this site: Botticelli
Botticelli 1012-13
John Schott Shuffle Play: Elegies for the Recording Angel
Artist: John Schott
Title: Shuffle Play: Elegies for the Recording Angel
Label: New World Records 80548-2
Label page on this site: New World Records
New World Records 80548-2