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Daniel David Feinsmith
composer in the modern and experimental classical genre
Daniel David Feinsmith is a composer in the modern and experimental classical genre. His musical heritage traces to the 1600s, where every generation has been a liturgical musician and composer of sacred musics in an unbroken line. His Father, Marvin Feinsmith, was Principal Bassoon for the Israel Philharmonics and NY Philharmonic, and as well a prolific composer of symphonic and chamber works. Daniel’s Mother, Deborah Feinsmith, was Oboist for The Little Orchestra Society of NYC, and the Israel Philharmonic. Mr. Feinsmith continues in his family musical heritage in composing for classical and modern instrumentation, film, theatre, and dance. Daniel has studied western classical composition with John Corigliano, Edmund Campion, John Thow, and Terry Riley, and north indian classical music with Ali Akhbar Khan, Terry Riley, Shabda Kahn, Pandit Jagdish Mohan, Sri Karunamayi, Ustad Mashkur Ali Khan, and others in three visits to India. He has received awards and commissions from ASCAP, Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley Civic Arts Commission, the Jess Shensen Music Foundation, and others.