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Miya Masaoka
Miya Masaoka is a pioneering artist whose work has helped place the koto into many "non-traditional" musical contexts, including jazz, free improvisation, and noise/sound experimentation.
CDs on which Miya Masaoka appears:
Philip Gelb Purple Wind
Artist: Philip Gelb
Title: Purple Wind
Label: Ryokan
Label page on this site: Ryokan
Miya Masaoka, George Lewis The Usual Turmoil
Artist: Miya Masaoka, George Lewis
Title: The Usual Turmoil
Label: Music and Arts CD-1023(1)
Label page on this site: Music and Arts
Music and Arts CD-1023(1)
Ben Goldberg Twelve Minor
Artist: Ben Goldberg
Title: Twelve Minor
Label: Avant Records AVAN 035
Label page on this site: Avant Records
Avant Records AVAN 035
Masaoko, Nunn, Robair Crepuscular Music
Artist: Masaoko, Nunn, Robair
Title: Crepuscular Music
Label: Rastascan Records BRD 030
Label page on this site: Rastascan Records
Rastascan Records BRD 030
Maybe Monday Saturn’s Finger
Artist: Maybe Monday
Title: Saturn’s Finger
Label: Buzz Records ZZ 76007
Label page on this site: Buzz Records
Buzz Records ZZ 76007
Vinkeloe/Cremaschi/Masaoka/Robair Klang. Farbe. Melodie.
Artist: Vinkeloe/Cremaschi/Masaoka/Robair
Title: Klang. Farbe. Melodie.
Label: 482 Music 482-1030
Label page on this site: 482 Music
482 Music 482-1030