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Toyoji Tomita, Ron Heglin, Tom Djll
Toyoji Tomita - trombone
Ron Heglin - trombone, tuba, voice
Tom Djll - trumpet, pocket cornet

Legend tells that the mythical Three-horned Brassiosaurus could muster over 300 decibels of fire-breathing sound. However, ear-protection is not needed for today's audiences; the post-Postmodern Brassiosaurus prefers to mutter and squeak just as much as roar. Nor is ritual blood-sacrifice neccessary to coax the beast into singing its sweetest songs; a simple offering of valve/slide oil will do. Expect music that evolves organically from a tiny, burbling embryo, hatches into skwawking, scratching honks, cannonades into explosions of melodious grunts, roaming freely the rocky territory between Scelsi, Stalling and Sousa, and finally expires in a fusillade of sighs.