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Kristin Miltner
Computer Music, Composition, Voice, Electronics, Video, Installation and
Sound Art
kris miltner's current project is miba

miba is mark bartscher and kristin miltner. miba makes music with bells, voices, computers, trees, self-created software patches, birds and cats, creating rhythmic granular textures ranging from harmonic washes to dense noise. miba was hypnotized by the spirits of pauline oliveros, maggi payne, and alvin curran at mills college. Some shows and projects that miba has been involved with are the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival at SOMArts, the CEAIT Festival at Cal Arts,the NWEAMO Festival in Portland, the Sacramento Noise Festival, the Strictly Ballroom Series at Stanford University, the Thursday Night Special, CPEACH in Eureka, and Electric Pacific at San Jose. miba also plays with Bilge-Radiolaria, CMAU, the Brown Bunny Ensemble, and Out of the Loop.
CDs on which Kristin Miltner appears:
miba the corplate porblem
Artist: miba
Title: the corplate porblem
Label: Pax Recordings PR90270
Label page on this site: Pax Recordings
Pax Recordings PR90270