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Jorge Boehringer
composer, sound artist
As an artist Jorge Boehringer works in whatever medium presents itself. His choice of materials range from the most basic (like light or sandstones) to exceedingly complex or even ineffable media (as a sound lattice created utilizing a simultaneous broadcast of beacons and feedback over a large outdoor area) . Since moving to California several years ago from Texas, Jorge has produced numerous live musical works for various large and small ensembles of electronic and acoustic instruments and voices, solo works with himself as performer, video pieces, installations involving light, space, and sound, music for dance performances, a series of drawings and paintings, book projects and numerous graphic design objects. He has, in the past, co-curated the annual Music For People and Thigamajigs Festival with Edward Schocker, and currently the Curious F performance series with Eddie Park, as well as other shows here and there. Jorge has performed with the Sf Sound Ensemble, experimental noise band Tori Anus, the Brown Bunny Ensemble, the Bilge/Radiolaria Collective, and currently with George Chen in the duo USOUTOFOURUTERUS!, Treehugger (alongisde members of some of his favorite bands like Seven Year Rabbit Cycle, D. Yellow Swans, and Snowsuit). He performs solo as sevencentralandmountain and Core of the Coal Man, creating live acoustic and electronic music composed of synthesis, samples, and processing of acoustic sounds, instruments and voice. His music can be heard on (look under the headings sevencentralandmountain, and the ten foot scarf, or into your navel), on the WGBH website, on (Core of the Coal Man), and on