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Tokyo Nammy
Nami Sagara graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Art department of Vocal music, Japan's premier arts and music school.Although classically trained as a Soprano, Nami's singing portfolio ranges from very soft angelic to opera, jazz, rock and pure nuts.

Daniel Charles wrote about Nami's voice "...contains precisely the exaggerated declamation, the quaver, the feminine shrill...all this more...Nami's genius to be able to measure with such extreme precision and refinement every vocal effect used."

In Japan, Mainichi Shinbun, wrote about one of her explorations, The Eccentric Opera "... a pleasant sensation ... broke all preconceived notions... border-less... their costume, acting is like wind-up dolls out of Fellini's world."

Nami Sagara is also known as TOKYO NAMMY for her underground works. She is a member of Japan's Betsuni Nanmo Klezmer,led by Kazutoki Umezu. Referring to her work with this band,Music Works of Canada said," exercise in vocal madness that has Tokyo Nammy cackle,quack,and honk as if convinced that such was humankind's ultimate aim."

Nammy's other performances include collaborations with Jon Rose, Yoshihide Otomo, John Zorn, David Moss among others. Nammy's current main band now is Tokyo Nammy band with Natsuki Kido of Bondage Fruit as a member.