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Franz Keller
Audio/Visual improviser
Franz Keller is part of the new breed of Audio/Visual improvisers. His tools are a video projector, a PowerBook, Electribe synthesizers, and (when not preoccupied with electronic devices) spoken word poetry. He specializes in adding a video element to sonic performances and adding IDM style electronic percussion to acoustic groups. He is equally at home in an art gallery environment or an underground rave club (where he’s known as VJ Franz.K) and has played in jams with (almost!) every style of performer.

Past events include organizing the Loud-A-Palooza noise fest and the Claremonic series, as well as numerous other independent electronic and experimental concerts and jams in the LA area. Franz is now based in Oakland, where he has participated in two recent Illuminated Corridor shows, performing with Demodulate and the Killer Banshees. He is also half of the folktronic duo The Saturnines with Sarah Steele.