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Patrick Talesfore, Jr.
drum set artist from Sunnyvale, California
Patrick Talesfore, Jr. is a drum set artist from Sunnyvale, California. His playing has been described as 'apocalyptic', 'too much for ears to handle' and by master drummer Kenwood Dennard as '...cognizant, deliberate, facing a life or death moment. Passion personified.' Since 2011, Patrick has performed solo and with Cerce, Space Devil Rest in Peace, infant, Nishad George, Dylan Ewen, Sam Morrison, Cooper Leardi, Piotr Lato, Matt Hull, David Lechuga-Espadas, Tom Weeks, gabby fluke-mogul, Alex Cohen, Tim Altieri, and even got to jam with Ernie Eisley once...
Contact information:
Email: patricktalesforejr (AT) gmail (DOT) com