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Edword (Word, Eddie)
Drums, drum machines, percussion, electronics, samples
Edword Pollard, aka Word, plays the drumset in many styles, including drum n bass, eastern european, avant jazz, funk and alternative rock. Initially self taught, he gradually moved to a more studied approach. At 18 he studied jazz drumming with Darryl Voss in San Luis Obispo, played in the jazz improv group at Cuesta College under Warren Balfoure, then went on to San Diego State University to study jazz, world music, classical music, and improvisation. He also studied drumming with Jim Plank and Duncan Moore, whose influences were mostly conceptual. While playing in jazz combos under Rick Helzer, studying percussion under Danlee Mitchell, and playing with various jazz groups around San Diego, he developed a broad vocabulary for music that he could then use as a starting point for his tangential delvings into hybrid and creative music.
In the San Francisco Bay Area, Word has had the opportunity to play with Roger Riedlbauer and Kristina Forrester in an original, eclectic trio known as Mosthumbz. He also played with Colin Stetson and Eric Perney in Defense, The Transmission Large Ensemble, Connector and as substitute drummer for the Transmission Trio. Following that, he played live drum-n-bass with the trio Apparatus. He has recorded on albums ranging in styles from jazz, funk, and avant garde, to moody alternative rock, R&B, Electronica, and Eastern European hybrid music (See discography below).
He has been playing in uptempo odd times, and styles ranging from breakbeat to jazz with Zoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment since 2005, including Mike Perlmutter, Liam Staskawicz, Aaron Novik, and Joshua Sirotiak. They’ve recorded three albums to date, and continue to play diverse shows, such as fermentation workshops, cancer benefits, clubs in the city, and busking at BART stations and farmer's markets.
Word also teaches drums and percussion in the East Bay Area through his own mobile drum company, Wordless Studios, as well as doing studio work and freelance gigs.
Getting some poolside practice in on vacation in Bali!