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Matt Lebofsky
Keyboards, electric bass, guitar, Warr guitar, drums
Matt Lebofsky is an Oakland based multi-instrumentalist who grew up in New York, studying classical/jazz piano and composition with Arthur Cunningham.

After moving to California he has performed in many improvisational or new-music/rock/jazz ensembles over the years. Older activity includes leading or being a side person in the bands Species Being, Faun Fables, Three Piece Combo, Dropsy, Mumble & Peg, the Fuxedos, Fuzzy Cousins, Dreamland, and JOB. Since roughly 2010 Matt has been bassist and co-composer in the chamber rock ensemble miRthkon and keyboardist in the prog/pop group MoeTar. Most of his notable recent work has been as a touring/recording member of Secret Chiefs 3, including collaborations with John Zorn. Between all these groups he has performed in over 200 cities in 24 different countries.

Other musical stuff throughout the years: sitting in with the Clubfoot Orchestra on a couple shows, playing piano on French baroque metal band Igorrr's latest album, putting on all kinds of solo gigs, and being a core member of the Immersion Composition Society since its early days.

By day Matt is a general computer geek, and for decades has been managing all the recording and data analysis infrastructure for the world's largest SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) projects at UC Berkeley, including SETI@home and Breakthrough Listen.