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Eric Glick Rieman
composer - prepared Rhodes, piano, and multi-instrumentalist performer
Eric Glick Rieman has performed and recorded extensively with the prepared Rhodes electric piano over the last 13 years, producing eight critically acclaimed recordings (solo and in collaboration ). His compositions include explorations of Biosonicism (music created at the intersection of composition and biology): The "Helix Aspersa Series"(2008) is a series of graphic scores made in collaboration with snails; "Circle House and Chutes"(2009) is a piece for small ensemble employing techniques used to handle cattle in a slaughterhouse to herd an ensemble through a score.

"insect-like sounds and all manner of scraping and knocking created through the use of seeds, springs, washers, quartz, paper, marbles, a wire brush, and more...out of the more pastoral and rustic evocations flow fragments of melody set against repetitive noises and vice versa..." - Alan Ranta, Exclaim magazine, Canada, 11/1/11
CDs on which Eric Glick Rieman appears:
Ken Field/Eric Glick Rieman/Karen Stackpole Iridescence
Artist: Ken Field/Eric Glick Rieman/Karen Stackpole
Title: Iridescence
Label: Ravello Records RR8042
Label page on this site: Ravello Records
Ravello Records RR8042