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Peter Nyboer
audio and video artist and programmer
Peter Nyboer is a programmer, video artist, and musician living in San Jose, CA. He first dove into the world of realtime video manipulation in 1999 when he designed a four screen video sampler for San Francisco's Recombinant Media Labs to be used in that year's Ars Electronica performance showcase. He has continued to create realtime interactive software for audio and video manipulation, and has independently produced a number of commercial programs. Artistically he oscillates between pure sound and pure image, finding a rich border where they meet. Pure sound is the electronic signal of synthesis, pure image is the immediacy of a location's images, immediately manipulated and projected. In between is the conversion of image data into sound data, finding coherence in what are fairly arbitrary maps, providing a synthetic point of understanding and

He currently works on programming audio and video software for Livid Instruments ( for live performance. He's also worked on the Respondr interactive display, which decodes location and image information from cameras to let a person interact with a projected image. He has also worked with a variety of artists to realize their visions, including Thomas Dolby, Ikue Mori, Bob Ostertag, Naut Humon, Robert Drummond, DJ's Sasha and Digiweed and