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Thomas Scandura
Thomas Scandura is a noise rock drummer/improviser based in Oakland,California. He has toured both nationally and internationally and performed on 45 recordings. Thomas is a founding member of the post-punk-no fi-noise-rock group "The Molecules", the absurdist Italian rock band "Spezza Rotto", and the trio "Dirty Patina".

His current projects include "PG13", "The Scope", and "Surplus 1980". He has also participated in Bill Wolter's music for Amy Lewis's dance performance "Hate Log", Tom Djll's political musical theater piece "Mockracy", Sperry Fest, Polly Moller's "Flip Quartet", and the Bay Area's annual Skronk-a-thon BBQ.

Other Bay Area bands Thomas has played in include GrndNtl Brnds, Vacuum Tree Head, Moe!Kestra!, Rev.99, Pornorchestra, Stritch, Saint of Killers, John Shiurba's 5x5, and Witches & Devils. Over the last 20+ years, he has performed local live improvisations with Liz Albee, Myles Boisen, Steve Buchanan, Ralph Carney, George Cremaschi, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Carla Kihlstedt, Elliot Levin, Fred Longberg-Holm, 99 Hooker, Tom Nunn, Dan Plonsey, Gino Robair, Elliot Sharp, Tamio Shiraishi, John Shiurba, Dave Slusser, Moe Staiano, and Jack Wright among many others. While traveling Thomas has also performed with Jac Berrocal, Shelly Hirsh, Marc Ribot, Tatsuya Yoshida, and Otomo Yoshihide.
CDs on which Thomas Scandura appears:
Moe! Staiano's MOE!KESTRA! Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations
Artist: Moe! Staiano's MOE!KESTRA!
Title: Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations
Label: Pax Recordings PR90261
Label page on this site: Pax Recordings
Pax Recordings PR90261