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Lucio Menegon
guitarist, composer, sonic artist
Lucio Menegon is a composer and sonic artist. His work encompasses melodic composition, avant garde improvisation, noise, weird pop, film soundtracks and experimental rock. His style is rooted in primitive Americana and punk, with extended technique and forays into minimalist textural spaces informing a fusion of traditional song structure and abstract modern soundscape. Careful and chaotic manipulation of tone and timbre plays a dominant role in shaping this ever evolving sonic tapestry.

He is known for his creativity and quick study, and has performed and recorded with artists such as The Renderers, Danny Frankel, Richard Lainhart, Ross Hammond, Amy Denio, Emily Hay, Brad Dutz, Prehistoric Horse, Rob Price, Chris Cawthray, Edith Frost, Scott Pinkmountain, Joe Rut, Wil Hendricks, Jonathan Segel, Ramona The Pest, Zebu, Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham and Moe! Staiano.

An active member of the SF Bay Area music scene for 15 years and curated the Ivy Room Hootenanny Creative Music series.