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Bruce Ackley
Saxophonist, composer, Rova member, band leader.
Born in 1948 in Detroit. A 1986 Bay Area Music award nominee for best saxophonist, Ackley has recorded with such noted musicians as John Zorn, Henry Kaiser, and Eugene Chadborne, and collaborated with trombone/electronics composer J.A. Deane on sound environments for the films of Bay Area film maker, David Machalak. He was a founding member of the Sound Clinic, an improvising wind trio, with trumpeter George Sams and saxophonist Lew Jordan and a 1970's precursor to the all-winds Rova, and participated in the founding of the Blue Dolphin, an artist-run alternative art space in San Francisco. He began playing saxophone in 1970, and formed his first trio that year in Detroit. As a disc jockey from 1973-75, Bruce presented jazz and new music programs on San Francisco's community sponsored station, KPOO.
Upcoming Events:

Friday, April 19 2024 7:30 PM
Center for New Music [55 Taylor St SF]
Two rarely seen progressive ""silent films"" by David Michalak: NOT QUITE RIGHT, 1987 / 10m. - a symbolic dream journey into fear and Face of a Stranger 1977 / 60 min. featuring Billie-Marie in dual roles & influenced by expressionism, silent movies and the serials of the 1920s. The evening starts with short shorts by magician/filmmaker George Méilès with live music by Bruce Ackley  More...
Photo Albums (click to view photos):
Bruce Ackley with Aurora and Gino Robair
Bruce Ackley and Eugene Chadbourne
CDs on which Bruce Ackley appears:
Bruce Ackley Trio The Hearing
Artist: Bruce Ackley Trio
Title: The Hearing
Label: Avant Records Avan 069
Label page on this site: Avant Records
Avant Records Avan 069
T.D. Skatchit & Company Skatch Migration
Artist: T.D. Skatchit & Company
Title: Skatch Migration
Label: Edgetone Records EDT4103
Label page on this site: Edgetone Records
Edgetone Records EDT4103

Bruce Ackley Recovery Fund

A GoFundMe fund has been created to assist in Bruce Ackley's recovery from his medical issues.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause.