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Todd Sickafoose
Bassist, Bandleader, Composer
Todd Sickafoose is an imaginative bass player with a composer's ear for melody and chops that the LA Weekly described as "technically indomitable". A Northern California native, he now performs and records with a ton of innovative folks and genre busters (instrumentalists and songwriters alike) including Ani DiFranco, Noe Venable, Jenny Scheinman, Nels Cline, Carla Bozulich, Victor Bruce Godsey, Scott Amendola, jhno, Jessica Lurie, Etienne de Rocher, Adam Levy, James Carney, Will Bernard, Jim Campilongo, Tony Furtado, Danny Barnes, Darol Anger, and Paul

The consistency of his personal voice within wildly diverse collaborations prompted the LA Weekly to call Todd "one of the most comprehensive musical minds of this coast" - and in 2003, he was nominated for a California Music Award for outstanding bassist. As a producer, Todd has helped birth two critically-acclaimed records for folk iconoclast Noe Venable, "Boots" and "The World is Bound by Secret
Knots". Most recently, Todd has embarked on a collaboration with Ani DiFranco, with whom he is currently touring as a duo.

"Dogs Outside" (Evander, 2000) is Todd's debut record, made entirely in 10 hours the day before he moved north from LA. It is an electrifying CD, featuring some of the best recorded playing of bandmates Peter Epstein, Justin Morell, and Mark and Alan Ferber. 5/8 of the record are unedited first takes.
CDs on which Todd Sickafoose appears:
Todd Sickafoose Dogs Outside
Artist: Todd Sickafoose
Title: Dogs Outside
Label: Evander Music Em 010
Label page on this site: Evander Music
Evander Music Em 010