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Amanda Chaudhary
composer and performer specializing in contemporary and electronic music
Amanda Chaudhary is a composer and performer specializing in contemporary and electronic music; an artist; and a developer of advanced software for creativity. She performs regularly around the Bay Area and beyond, both solo and with various bands and ensembles. Her solo work involves experimenting with innovative sounds via analog synthesis and custom software with computers and mobile devices for new modes of expressive musical performance. She often incorporates folk and toy instruments from around the world, along with jazz, dance music and other idiomatic styles into her visually captivating performances.

Her ensemble projects includes Reconnaissance Fly, an art-pop band and composers collective; Pitta of the Mind, an experimental music-and-poetry duo with Maw Shein Win; and Surplus 1980, a Bay Area post-punk band. As a board member and curator for Outsound Presents, she is a supporter of emerging artists in new and experimental music.

In addition to her musical work, Amanda maintains a deep interest in modern and contemporary art in several media as a creator, consumer and supporter. Her photography has appeared in solo and group shows as well as art publications.

Amanda is also the author of the popular blog CatSynth, where she discusses music and art (and cats).
CDs on which Amanda Chaudhary appears:
Amanda (Amar) Chaudhary Aquatic
Artist: Amanda (Amar) Chaudhary
Title: Aquatic
Label: Herman & Sherman ACHS1984
Label page on this site: Herman & Sherman
Herman & Sherman ACHS1984