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Bill Crossman
jazz/world-music pianist, composer, and educator
BILL CROSSMAN, jazz/world-music pianist, composer, and educator, is an innovator in freely-improvised jazz piano. He has performed with some of the world's greatest jazz musicians and has appeared in performance venues and festivals from coast to coast and internationally. For over a dozen years, Bill has played with jazz violinist India Cooke in the India Cooke-Bill Crossman Duo, now renamed COOKE🔸CROSSMAN on their 2018 CD "Infinite Dimensions". Bill can also be heard on The Troublemakers Union's recent CD "Fight Back." Bill's jazz-styled musical "John Brown's Truth," focusing on the last year of the famed anti-slavery abolitionist's life, has been staged throughout northern CA and in New York City. See website A poet himself, Bill's jazz piano has accompanied poetry readings by Al Young, Genny Lim, David Meltzer, and others. He taught jazz & blues piano for years at Oakland Public Conservatory of Music (OPCM) and also led an innovative monthly free-jazz improv open-mike session there.
Contact information:
Email: willcross (AT) aol (DOT) com