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David Samas
composer, cosmologist, poet, painter, performer, philosopher, farmer and father of 4
David Samas is a composer, cosmologist, poet, painter, performer, philosopher, farmer and father of 4; he is a practitioner and professor of arcane healing technologies and traditional magics- a field which includes massage, herbalism, hypnotherapy, psychoacoustics and shamanism. He has a BFA from the SF Art Institute in conceptual art and an MFA in poetics from the New College of California. As a young man he performed with the SF Boys Chorus, the SF Opera and the SF Symphony with which he won a GRAMMY for the “best classical recording” of 1994. He also makes sacred geometry amulets and talismans and is an excellent cook.

He currently focuses on inventing instruments and extended vocal techniques. He is the creator of the Superb Metallophone, the Gamelan Piano, the Crystalithaphone, Glassilalia and a number of musical paintings which serve as sets, orchestras and characters for his inventive operas and shadow plays. He uses Tuvan overtone singing and Tibetan deep chanting along with a host of birdsongs, whale songs, howling and polyphonic split tones to weave a dense tapestry of unusual sounds.

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David Samas is also the impresario and host of the turquoise yantra grotto-
a house concert series for avant improvisers and invented instrumentalists with a focus on ethno-modernism and extended techniques. TYG holds a monthly event which is part concert, part art opening and part social club, with Chinese tea service, near Glen Canyon in San Francisco. In that context has collaborated most with Joe Lasqo, Bart Hopkin, Bob Marsh and Tom Nunn.
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He currently plays with Pet the Tiger, an improvised acoustic noise band for invented instruments with Jen Baker, Grace Renaud, Ash Ritter, and Marshall White.