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Dean Santomieri

electronic music and musique concrete
Dean Santomieri has been working with electronic music and musique concrete since 1971, as well as creating multi-image pieces, super-8 and 16mm films and videos. In recent years Santomieri formed the electro-acoustic performing duo Donkey Boy (with Luther Bradfute in 1995) which employed live electronic music, slides or video, story-telling, costumes, and props in their many Bay Area performances. In 1996 he collaborated with Joyce Todd to form the baroque performance group Theater of Memory. Since 1997 Santomieri has also been performing with Malcolm Mooney & the10th Planet (Mooney was the original singer with the German progressive-rock group Can), providing electronics and guitar. In 1998 Santomieri formed a multi-media group with musicians Bruce Anderson, Karen Stackpole and David Kwan, for live performance of his short stories (narration accompanied by live music and video). This ensemble's first show, The Boy Beneath the Sea, was performed numerous times in the Bay Area, and lead to this CD release. In 2000 the Archipelago imprint released Santomieri's Crude Rotation, a 3" CD, EP of musique concrete/electronic pieces, to critical praise.

In 2001 The Foundry released The Boy Beneath the Sea on CD. The Boy Beneath the Sea originally designed as a multimedia performance piece, weaves together music and spoken word in a fluid union that creates an affecting 40 minute immersive environment. The story of a boy who leaves his home to live under the sea is unique and yet somehow familiar, like a book remembered from childhood. Dean Santomieri's narrative is evocative and personal, and the words are perfectly complemented by the musical contributions of Bruce Anderson, Karen Stackpole and David Kwan.

Dean continues to work with audio and video and performs regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Upcoming Events:

Sunday, September 17 2017 8:00 AM
Community Music Center [544 Capp Street SF]
ROVA Meets Ghost In The House with Kinji Hayashi

ROVA will feature new works.
ROVA is Jon Raskin, Bruce Ackley, Larry Ochs and Steve Adams

Ghost In The House - will feature music from their new CD Second Sight as well as early and new work.Ghost In The House is Kyle Bruckmann – double reeds, David Michalak – lap steel, Karen Stackpole – percussion, gongs, Tom Nunn – inventions, Polly Moller – bass flute, John Ingle – saxophones, Dean Santomieri - voice and guests Cindy Webster - saw and Kinji Hayashi – dance  More...
CDs on which Dean Santomieri appears:
Santomieri-Farhadian Duo RedBlue
Artist: Santomieri-Farhadian Duo
Title: RedBlue
Label: BlackCopper Editions 001
Label page on this site: BlackCopper Editions
BlackCopper Editions 001