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Motoko Honda
concert pianist, composer, and sound artist
Motoko Honda is a concert pianist, composer, and sound artist who has created a distinctive sound through her holistic approach to music, and her exceptional sensitivity in relating to other art forms and technologies. Employing a "virtuoso technique paired with her intensely imaginative mind" (Susan Dirende, L.A. Splash Magazine), and with stylistic influences ranging from jazz to Indonesian music to contemporary prepared piano with electronics, Motoko's compositions and structured improvisations are intended to affect the skin, organs and minds of the listener rather than simple recitations of rhythmic and harmonic themes. Called both a "keyboard alchemist" (Chris Barton, L.A. Times), and the "embodiment of a muse" (Greg Burk, Metaljazz), Motoko's performances transport audiences on sonic adventures that transcend the boundaries and conventions of contemporary music.

Since 1997, Motoko has been performing at various national and international festivals and concerts such as Angel City Jazz Festival, 19th San Quirico Estate Festival, and Spark International Electronic Music Festival ranging from classical to experimental music, and through her Sound Escape Project, founded in 2003, has been presenting numerous collaborations with artists and improvisers such as Wadada Leo Smith, Jeff Gauthier, Vinny Golia, Alex Cline, Nels Cline, Joe Berardi, Mike Watt, Emily Hay, Steuart Liebig, Elliott Sharp, Pheeroan Aklaff, Maggie Parkins, Kris Tiner, Theresa Wong, William Winant, Larry Ochs, Cory Wright, Jordan Glenn, Kim Cass, dancer OGURI. Roxanne Steinberg, Maureen Whiting, visual artist Carole Kim and projection artist Jesse Gilbert. A notable interdisciplinary collaboration is the on going research project with Jesse Giblert, using his sound-visual program Spectral GL, integrating music and visual information into one cohesive experience in concerts and installation settings.

At home in classical, jazz, or electronic music, Motoko is a musical force of nature, bringing a unique creative sound to her wide-ranging collaborations. Motoko has been invited to give lecture/performances regarding contemporary compositions, method for structured improvisation in collaborative settings, and extended piano techniques from national and international universities and institutions, and her collaborative projects have taken her to major venues such as the Ford Amphitheater, Barnsdall Gallery Theater, REDCAT, Duomo di Siena, as well as museums, jazz clubs and underground venues.