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Matt Herman
San Francisco-based extended-range guitarist/looper with Storm Door, Disonova, and solo.
Matt has logged over twenty years on the electric guitar, and has employed live looping techniques since 2001. Incorporating seemingly disparate influences, the end product somewhat resembles a melange of early-’70s ambient math-rock, classical and extreme metal as if it were performed in an intimate jazz bar.

Through customizations and minimal (relatively speaking) electronics, and having spent years also playing the Chapman Stick, his setup has increasingly taken on the role of an extended range instrument. This yields a deeper bass range that still extends through a normal guitar’s upper range, augmented with layers of (set up completely live) loops.

In his current project Storm Door, with singer/keyboardist May van Oskan, the music resembles a vivid spacedream; with drummer Chris Taylor, minimalist-reductionist metal; and in a solo setting, contemplative ambiance.

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