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Wilson Shook
An improvising saxophonist
Wilson Shook makes music like a moth fluttering at a street light. Graceful, frantic, persistent and sometimes tragic, it is music absorbed of its own inscrutable purpose. It finds serenity in immediacy, escape in acts of radical presence. It is here, and then it is not.

A self-taught improvising saxophonist, Wilson often performs as a soloist, with sustained collaborations including Greg Kelley (nmperign), Dave Abramson (Diminished Men, Master Musicians of Bukkake), Andrew Scott Young (Tiger Hatchery), Ben Bennett, A. Vitacolonna (Widow), Ryan Jewell, Jacob Wick, Carol Genetti, Gust Burns, Patrick Neill Gundran (Uneasy Chairs). Sporadic collaborations have included many other creative voices in contemporary weirdness.

For 10 years Wilson helped to organize the performance space Gallery 1412 in Seattle.