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Eda Er
Composer//Sound Artist//Singer
Eda Er is a composer, sound artist, and singer currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her artistic pursuits primarily revolve around the exploration of expressivity and narrativity in her music. Drawing upon a diverse range of mediums, including singing, composition, analogue and digital electronics, video, theatricality, and storytelling, she creates a multifaceted and immersive musical experience. Eda's creative endeavors encompass contemporary classical composition, voice art, somatic exploration, music theatre, and electronic music. Through her approach, she seamlessly merges elements of theatricality and intimacy, delving deep into the limitless potential of the human body as a captivating source of sound.

Eda has had the pleasure of working as a composer with notable groups, musicians, organizations, and ensembles, including Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Multilarérale, Kugoni Trio, Hermes Ensemble, Hezarfen Ensemble, Atlas Ensemble, Vertixe Sonora, Ensemble Suono Giallo, Nordic Trombone Quartet, Eco Ensemble, Académie Voix Nouvelles, Royaumont, Nicolas Isherwood, Christine Cornwell, Tom Collier, IKSV International Theater Festival, Gaudeamus Festival, Festival Mixtur, Ikincikat, Mamut Art Project, Clout Theater, A corner in the world and Berika Collective. Besides composing and producing, she performs with electronics, vocals and visuals.