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Artist Damon Smith/Peter Kowald
Title Mirrors - Broken, But No Dust
Label Balance Point Acoustics - 001 -

excerpt from liner notes:
this cd, pairing german master, peter kowald and the fiery young bay area bassist, damon smith, is an extraordinary example of what can happen when two improvisors are also virtuoso listeners. the linear clarity, the high spirited sonic explorations, the overall conversational approach and the unrelenting forward motion add up to an exciting listening experience. one of the remarkable things is that this dynamic duo accomplishes this without the usual “you play arco and i’ll play pizzicato” approach. this is testimony to their acute hearing and ability to make split-second decisions which result in maintaining their individual lines. this is no easy feat!

kowald employs his unique sonic vocabulary and smith deftly compliments him with his “encyclopedic” sound world, all the while making music that is unrelenting rhythmically. there is no ebb and’s simply straight ahead. there is no “tug of war” as we find in some improvising duos, but a highly spirited conversational approach that is exhilarating and most engaging.
don’t miss this unique listening experience. it is creative music for the new millennium, par excellence!

bert turetzky
del mar april 2001

double bass duets, live and studio.
1-2 live recording by jim ryan 4/28/00 at gallery 2310 oakland, ca
this is one piece,index point is for convenience only.
3-9 recorded by myles boisen 5/3/00 at headless budda studio oakland, ca.
all tracks mastered by myles boisen at headless budda studios.
produced by damon smith and peter kowald
executive producer scott herbert
cover art and concept by kowald