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Artist phillip greenlief solo
Title Stalking Andrei
Label Evander Music - Em 023

Phillip Greenlief, soprano, alto, & tenor saxophones, Bb clarinet

"To say that Philip Greenlief plays saxophone would be a grave understatement. This SF Bay Area veteran is a musical conceptualist who thinks not only about the notes he produces, but about the contexts and ideas that drive those notes to realization. Sure, he can play pretty straight melodic, structured stuff, and there are few who can match him at it. What especially sets him apart, though, is his background in literature, on which he might draw to color his improvisations with a Dostoyevskian or a Joycean cast; he also often composes his own texts to guide the members of his ensembles. Greenlief¹s latest release is the solo excursion Stalking Andrei, so both you and he can be thinking about the vast, still beauties of the Russian filmmaker Tarkovsky while he¹s coasting through space."

- Greg Burke - LA WEEKLY