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Artist Kaolithic Music
Title The Dynamite Sessions
Label Evander Music - Em 026 -

Jon Raskin, Bob Bassara: jawharps; Linda Elvira Piedra: percussion

The music on this CD was recorded on April 10, 2004 in a 538 gallon ceramic vase, used in the manufacturing of dynamite. Making use of Clayton Bailey’s extensive field research of the Kaolithic era and Bob Bassara’s study of shamanistic mouth harp traditions, we were able to establish a time-continuum link to the Pre-Credulous Age. The case is situated in the largest find of Kaolithic fossils in the world and the sonic properties of the vase enabled the researchers to tune into the vibrations from that long forgotten age. The unique acoustic environment amplified the vibrations in the fossil field and enabled the research team to translate them into the music on this recording.