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Artist CKW Trio
Title The Is
Label Black Hat Records - BH-1003 -
Released On 10/1/2004

When making music, I'm sometimes asked which "style" this group plays in. Do we favor straight-ahead jazz, free jazz, through-composed, West Coast, East Coast, uptown, downtown? The truth is, I don't really know. In trying to answer the question, I might list some techniques I'm interested in — sound mass, circle music, the use of non-Western scales — but aside from the parts that most clearly reflect composition and improvisation, the music here hopes to stand outside (and then sometimes inside) traditional boundaries. Ornette Coleman answered the question best: "This is our music."

The musicians in the trio make the style of our music. Classically trained cellist and composer Alex Kelly has an eclectic background that involves both free-improvisation and circus music. Drummer Andrew Wilshusen comes from the domain of "jazz," but is always exploring new paths and beats in music. It is my great pleasure to make music with both of them, and I hope you enjoy the results.

This CD is available for purchase on-line from The Jazz Loft, Black Hat Records, and CDBaby.