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Artist Amanda Chaudhary
Title Aquatic
Label CatSynth Records - ACHS1984 -
Released On 5/25/2005
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At once dark, playful, energetic and intellectual, Aquatic contains large variety of visually inspired and imaginative music that touches on the sounds and themes of water.

Track Listing

An Open and Shut Case for Interactive Electronics, 2001
Proportional Fish for Flute and Electronics, 1991
(excerpt 1 from 1991 recording, excerpt 2 from 2005 recording)
Black Boxes and Springtime for Interactive Electronics, Trumpet and Mezzo Soprano, 1992
(excerpt from 2004 recording)
The Wooden Fish for Wood block and Electronics, 2004
Neptune Prelude to Xi for Interactive Electronics and Thunder Tube, 2003
Twotone Bell Fish for Flute and Interactive Electronics, 1999
Xi for Interactive Electronics and Hand Percussion, 2003
Charmer: Firmament for Interactive Electronics, 2003
Edge 0316 for Electronics, 2003
Chimera for Interactive Electronics and Video, 2002
Rain and Rage for MIDI Piano and Electronics, 2003
17S for Electronics and Video, 2003