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Artist Kipple
Title Flashes of Irrational Happiness
Label Evander Music - EM 032 -
Released On 6/1/2006

This is the second cd from clarinetist/composer Aaron Novik. For his second outing into the recorded world, Mr. Novik chose to put the clarinet away and focus on writing and conducting a series of hand cued musical sound loops heavily refrencing Steve Reich and Fela Kuti. Hence music rich in harmony and counterpoint and density. The sound is retro future. A myriad of vintage sounds create a cynically dystopic vision of the future, (or of our present as imagined from the 60's or 70's if you follow).
the musicians are Tim Bulkley (Telepathy) on drums, Ches Smith (Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog, Trevor Dunn's trio Convulsant) drums and vibraphone, Lisa Mezzacappa (Pyeng Threadgill) bass, John Finkbeiner (Knights of the New Crusade) guitar, Graham Connah (sour note 7) keyboard, Eric Glick Reiman (Fred Frith) theremin and prepared electric piano, Jason Levis (Donovan) marimba, Mitch Marcus (Japonize Elephants) fender Rhodes, Dahveed Behroozi (Fred Hersch protege) keyboards, Moe! Staiano (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) bug (amplified percussion), and Myles Boisen (John Zorn, Splatter Trio) on guitar.
the album is arranged into two suites that flow together from track to track, and is a studio record in every way, from Bitches Brew style edits, to psychedelic effects, and multi track overdubs.
Aaron Novik also plays in the bands Telepathy, Edmund Welles, Karpov, Transmission and Gubbish, and has recorded with Graham Connah, Andy Cabic of Vetiver, Brightblack Morninglight, and Myles Kurosky of Beulah.