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Artist United Brassworkers Front
Title In Between Stories
Label Evander Music - Em 040 -

Led by composer/trumpeter Darren Johnston, the United Brassworkers Front was originally a four brass plus drums ensemble featuring 2 trumpets, trombone, and tuba, plus drum-set, but has grown since its inception in early 2001 to include an acoustic bass, electric guitar, and a second trombone. The sound of a brass choir is like no other, and can sound equally at home performing Bach, Romanian brass band music, New Orleans “second line” marching band music, "new music", be-bop or free jazz. In Between Stories, the ensemble's second CD, is a further celebration of the diversity of both the instrumentation, and the musicians involved, and yet a recognizable, highly unique group sound has emerged. Members include Johnston and Henry Hung on trumpet, Mike Rinta and Adam Theis on trombone, Marc Bolin on bass trombone and tuba, Devin Hoff on bass, Ches Smith on drums, John Finkbeiner on electric guitar. Special guests include Chris Brown on electronics, and John Coppola on trumpet.