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Artist Ghost in the House
Title Ghost in the House
Label Edgetone Records - EDT4054 -

The music of Ghost in the House is a soundtrack for the subconscious. It could suggest a murder mystery, a visitation in a dream or a cataclysmic storm. The scores are sketches that depict musical events to be interpreted by the band.

Conceived by filmmaker & musician David Michalak, Ghost in the House explores ethereal and elemental soundscapes where music suggests an image. Stackpole’s swelling gongs resonate with Nunn’s sculptural inventions creating other worldly scenarios with Michalak’s eerie lap steel and Bruckmann’s ominous horns adding texture and detail.

“These are all the films I couldn’t afford to make.” D.M.

David Michalak - lap steel guitar, buffalo drum
Karen Stackpole - gongs, percussion
Kyle Bruckmann - oboe, English horn
Tom Nunn - crustacean, water phone & other original inventions