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Artist Grex
Title Monster Music
Label BRUX - BRUX 001 -
Released On 2/15/2014

Grex is an Oakland, California-based trio composed of Karl Evangelista (guitar/vocals), Rei Scampavia (keys/vocals), and Robert Lopez (drums). In biological terms, a “grex” is an organism composed of several smaller cells. Grex (the band) was formed as a way to explore the meeting point between popular song and experimental jazz, fostering a new music that both encompasses and expands upon its influences.

Monster Music is Grexʼs debut trio album and the groupʼs first release on Grexʼs new BRUX label. This creative, dynamic document captures the bandʼs current, aggressive blend of free jazz and art rock. Featuring sparse vocal melodies, driving odd-metered ensemble passages, and blistering free improvisation (the album tackles pieces by Don Cherry and Albert Ayler), Monster Music is simultaneously an innovative jazz album and a strong representation of the Bay Area independent rock scene.