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Artist The Emergency String (X)tet meet Rent Romus
Title Emergency Rental
Label Edgetone Records - EDT4100 -
Released On 10/19/2010

Recorded one spring evening in San Francisco, Emergency Rental is a collaboration by the Emergency String (X)tet and Rent Romus exploring sound in and outside the elements of free improvisation between saxophone and strings. The Emergency String (X)tet grew out of the ashes of Fred Longberg-Holms Phenomenal String Quartet in Chicago some fifteen years ago. After the dissolution of the Phenomenal Strings, ESX founder Bob Marsh was disconsolate, greatly missing the aural wonders provided by that group. He created the ESX when he believed the lack of improvised string music had reached emergency proportions. The ensemble is called an (X)tet for two reasons: First, due to the fluctuating number of players at a given performance. Second, because it emphasizes the unknown factor inherent in Rent Romus recording Emergency Rental with the Emergency String (X)tetimprovisation.

Rent Romus - alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Adria Otte, Angela Hsu, Jonathan Segel - violins
Bob Marsh, Doug Carroll - cellos
Kanoko Nishi-Smith - bass koto
Tony Dryer – contrabass