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Artist Sound Etiquette
Title Sound Etiquette
Label Orenda Records - ORENDA-0035 -
Released On 12/9/2016

The debut album by Bay Area veterans Nick Obando (sax), Eli Wallace (keys), and Aaron Levin (drums) out now on Orenda Records!

"This trio’s most obvious influence seems to be early 70’s Miles Davis. With a signature electronic sound that harkens back to the analog nature of that era,"
-Avant Music News

"Sound Etiquette revisits an old, forgotten virtue from the earliest days of electric jazz, when an amplified keyboard alongside acoustic instruments played with pure instinct was synonymous with timbre-rich fuzziness and freedom."
-Something Else!

"The trio has an intuitive sense for group dynamics in musical space. Each knows when to step forward into the mix with a soloistic gesture, and when to offer sounds in support. The sense of listening is present throughout, as is the feeling of collective exploration"
-Jazz Scene Magazine

"There are enough traces of melody in each of their compositions to suggest that it may have started life as tuneful as any song from the Ray Charles songbook. Then, the trio annihilated it."
-Bird is the Worm