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Artist Rent Romus' Life's Blood Ensemble
Title Rogue Star
Label Edgetone Records - EDT4191 -

In keeping true to the mission of Life’s Blood Ensemble, “Rogue Star” reflects the influences which make up their collective interest in story telling, exploring expanded borders, and discovery. The album is both a search and renewal of methods and patterns to interpreting a turbulent world as well as a celebration of inner peace through the creation of music and sound.
The title track "Rogue Star" by Rent Romus is inspired by the recent work of saxophonist/composer Donny McCaslin. It stands as a tribute and musical wish for all of our living brothers and sisters throughout the world who work tirelessly and create whether it be under siege by authoritarian forces or safe under a Northern sky, to bring their vision to emergence from the underground, exploding into the universe of ears across the world.