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Artist Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Manuel Mota, Gino Robair & Ernesto Rodrigues
Title Our Faceless Empire
Label Pax Recordings - PR90289 -
Released On 7/4/2010
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Recorded on February 19th 2006 at 1510 Studio, Oakland, California, USA. Recorded by Scott R. Looney. Edited, mixed and mastered by Gino Robair. Graphic design by Jeff Petersen.

Recorded in Oakland, California in 2006, during a long journey that took violinist Ernesto Rodrigues and guitarist Manuel Mota from Vancouver, Canada to Long Beach, Southern California, with stops in Seattle and San Francisco, this encounter between two Portuguese musicians and Californian improvisers Gino Robair (energized surfaces/voltage made audible) and Ernesto Diaz-Infante (acoustic guitar), invigorates the open debate over the different forms of musical expression related to improvisation/instant composition. These forms of communication evidence a particular interest in exploring the most delicate aspect of the sound world. The chosen elements–acoustic and electric strings as well as various electronics/percussions– interact to work out a fascinating, enchanting angle regarding timbric and textural possibilities and instrumental combinations. The voices interweave with ductility and take advantage of the broadened dynamic spectrum, which goes from intervals of silence to the resonance of a meticulous yet delicate low volume activity, and these aspects are accentuated by... more
released July 4, 2010

Ernesto Diaz-Infante – Acoustic Guitar
Manuel Mota – Electric Guitar
Gino Robair – Energized Surfaces, Voltage Made Audible
Ernesto Rodrigues – Violin