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Artist Voices In The Wilderness:
Title Dissenting Soundscapes and Songs of G.W.'s America
Label Pax Recordings - PR90276 -
Released On 4/4/2005
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Voices In The Wilderness was created out of the anxiety and disillusionment of Bush's reelection on November 3, 2004. This composition of twenty-six artists transcends music genres and ideologies with the common purpose of dissent towards the havoc and bloodshed cause by Bush and the U.S. military's dominance. This collection of political protest music spans experimental, rock, free-improv, electronic, folk, field recordings, and spoken word. This CD is ultimately a reminder and wake-up call that we can not be silent during these times.

After the election results were in and Kerry asked the American people to get behind Bush, we became highly aware that there may be no stopping this Empire's atrocities. We were even more screwed than we thought. That understating frightened us and still does. This sense of powerlessness to the Bush regime's primitive tactics is ongoing for many of us. With incredible humility, the artists on the CD have offered their work. Some of it has been edited down. All of it out of its' usual context. Collectively, it is against the grain of traditional music aesthetics. We chose to include every "voice" that was invited and then offered to this composition (more than we expected) with an intention of creating a document of dissent, a plea for peace, and a push against that can envelop us. Ultimately, this is a reminder to not be silent during these times. --M.S. & ED-I, February 2005, San Francisco, California
released April 4, 2005

Voices in the Wilderness:
Marcos Fernandes - field recordings; Bonnie Kane - saxophone & electronics, Ray Sage drums & percussion; The Slow Poisoners: Richard Trott - keyboards (guitar, drums), Andrew Poisoner - songwriter (singer, guitar); Neshama Alma Band: Ernesto Diaz-Infante - vocals, 4-track 7 acoustic guitar, Marjorie Sturm - lute, lyrics &voice, with Kate Thompson - voice; 99 Hooker - sound montage with Ron Anderson guitar samples; Cornelious Cardew Choir - large vocal performance ensemble; Cheryl E. Leonard - viola, Tim Blue - violin & percussion, Susan Charette - percussion, A.L. Dentel - cello, Patty Liu - violin, Felix Macnee - erhu, Matthew Sperry - contrabass; Marina Lazzara - vocals & guitar; David Slusser - beats, electronics, bass clarinet, flute, oud, tenor sax & Slussomatic; Andre Custodio - electronics; United Satanic Apache Front: Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba - voice, Monique Lorraine Everhurt - voice, Lx Rudis - music, production & editing; Ernesto Diaz-Infante - solo acoustic steel string guitar; Blaise Siwula - field recording; mJane: Molly Sturges - conduction & vocals, CK Barlow - sampling & live sampling, DJ Ultraviolet - turntables, Mustafa Stefan Dill - Oud, Jefferson Voorhees - drums with guest bassist Matt Deason; Merlin Coleman - voice; Dave Tucker - sound montage; Jess Rowland - sound montage; Matt Hannafin - voice, percussion, Persian star & field recordings; Lance Grabmiller - laptop; Dina Emerson - voice & effects, engineered by J. Segel; d. Elder - electronics; Pablo St. Chaos - electric guitar & field recording; Robert m - electronics; Phillip Greenlief - tenor saxophone, Myles Boisen - recording, mixing & effects; Polly Moller - flute & voice, Will Grant - electronics; Aaron Bennett - soprano saxophone, John Finkbeiner - electric guitar; Stephen Flinn - percussion, Ron k. engineer, Famous Last Words: Jeff Zittrain - words & music, Kate Burkart - additional words.

Produced by Marjorie Sturm & Ernesto Diaz-Infante
Executive Producers: John Lee, 99 Hooker, Jeff Zittrain
Edited and mastered by Marjorie Sturm at Next Door to the Jefferson Airplane Studios, San Francisco
Cover art and other drawing by James Sturm
Design by Tohru Kanayama

Part of the profits of this CD are being donated to the War Resisters League