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Artist Ernesto Diaz-Infante
Title Itz'at
Label Pax Recordings - PR90245 -
Released On 1/1/1997
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Ernesto Diaz-Infante - solo piano
Pax Preludes i-XIII 53:38
Maripose Liviana 13:54

Two original pieces for solo piano are on this CD named with the Mayan word for artist. The first, "Pax Preludes," is in 13 sections. Sparse and skeletal improvisations on a patient but fluid theme make this piece even and tranquil, drowsily content and serene. "Mariposa Liviana" is stylistically mated to the "Preludes" but bears a closer placement of notes for a fuller composition, allowing for a closer study of contrasting volume and sustain. The development of the base material saves Itz'at from slipping into the rut that houses much of minimalism.