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Artist Flounder
Title I'm the Flounder
Label Cure-All Records - CARe-003 -
Released On 9/10/2021
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Flounder is an instrumental quartet comprised of David Dvorin, guitar, Tim Bulkley, drums, Cliff Childers on harmonica and low brass, and Randy McKean on tenor sax, & bass and EEb Contralto clarinets. Flounder combines the freewheeling groove and grit of mid-century blues and jazz with the intimacy and instrumental interplay of chamber music. This release marks a significant point for the group, a culmination of two years worth of composing and performing a wealth of original material, specifically written by composer and guitarist David Dvorin for the group’s unique instrumentation. Combining both retro and futuristic timbres, the release blends playful rhythmic feel along with bold exploration of harmony and texture.