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Artist Great Circle Saxophone Quartet
Title Child King Dictator Fool
Label New World Records - 80516 -
Released On 1/1/1997
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GCSQ-four saxophonist/composers who have played with such artists as Pauline Oliveros, Anthony Braxton, and Cecil Taylor-stretches the boundaries of the sound world of the sax quartet in twelve challenging compositions that "“... aspire to create a new voice for the saxophone ensemble that neither falls into the obvious Jazz associations ... nor relies on the novelty aspect of four saxes playing conventional pop or classical transcriptions.”"

Three of its members were students of Braxton-an influence that definitely informs the music on this disc. Angular melodies, textural richness, a keen ear for color and a Webern-esque appreciation of silence as a structural element characterize these engaging and original compositions.

Chris Jonas, soprano saxophone
Randy McKean, alto saxophone
Dan Plonsey, tenor saxophone
Steve Norton, baritone saxophone