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Artist Wilson Shook — Ted Byrnes
Title "Joy"
Label Other Ghosts - 03 -
Released On 5/5/2023
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Wilson Shook – Baritone and Soprano Saxophones

Ted Byrnes – Percussion

Saxophonist Wilson Shook & percussionist Ted Byrnes careen their way through an hour-long session of surging, stuttering, howling improvisation. The two innovate, mutate, and abandon themes on the fly, never exhausting, always pushing each other to greater invention and commitment, sculpting a cacophonous whirlwind of precisely honed energy.

Having met and collaborated in the months leading up to the rupture of COVID-19 and the widespread revolt of 2020, the two eagerly reconvened for a series of duo explorations in Byrnes’ studio over the first half of 2022. “Joy” captures one such session from May 24, 2022, presented here from start to finish.