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Artist ruth weiss, Rent Romus, Doug O'Conner and Hall Davis
Title we are sparks in the universe to our own
Label Edgetone Records - EDT4217 -
Released On 7/1/2021
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This is the last known full live concert recording of legend poet ruth weiss (1928 - 2020) of the beat generation. Recorded and performed live in 2018 at the Musician's Union Hall in San Francisco part of Outsound Presents' by-weekly music series. Featuring two unique sets of music to the same set of poetry with synth pioneer Doug Lynner and her last jazz quartet of Rent Romus, Doug O'Conner and Hall Davis.

ruth weiss - poetry rent romus - alto, soprano saxophones, flutes doug lynner - serge synthesizer (mystery serge) doug o'connor - double bass hal davis - wooden log