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Artist Lisa Cameron & Ernesto Diaz-Infante
Title Ghosts of the JA
Label Loma Editions - LOMA007 -
Released On 7/28/2023
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Loma Editions is pleased to announce Ghosts of the JA, the third full-length collaboration between intrepid improvisers Lisa Cameron and Ernesto Diaz-Infante.

Recorded live in 2019 at Diaz-Infante’s San Francisco apartment, next door to the fabled Jefferson Airplane house, this collection of six slowly searing improvisations took form during a session seemingly haunted by the “ghosts of the JA.” Reminiscent of the Airplane’s more hallucinatory jams, a sense of lysergic freedom saturates the duo’s performance, which oscillates between clamorous cohesion and more strident distortion and noise.

This album sees Diaz-Infante’s well-known hypnotic acoustic guitar replaced with blistered, effects-mediated electric guitar alongside Cameron’s delay- and feedback-tinged percussion and lap steel. The resulting material recalls the San Francisco sound filtered through a contemporary, free improvisation framework.

This is pure music, extracted from time, that probes a ghostly dream world.