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Artist Ernesto Díaz-Infante
Title diciembre
Label scatterArchive - digital release -
Released On 10/8/2023
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Ernesto Díaz-Infante electric and acoustic guitars

I suffer from seasonal depression.
The holidays are often hard for me. Is it my family upbringing and memories? The change of seasons? In this case, my partner Marjorie took our two kids back to New York to visit family and I spent the time alone.

I began each night by picking out a word that described how I was feeling, like 'mania', 'anxiety', or 'agitation', and then I would meditate on that word and sketch out the piece on the electric guitar and/or acoustic guitar. Then I would plug into my TASCAM Digital Portastudio and hit record. Sometimes I would use a distortion pedal or sometimes I would play clean with a little reverb.
The outcome is this work 'diciembre' (December in Spanish), a journal of free improvisations recorded from 25 December (Christmas night) to 30 December 2022.