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Jim Ryan

Review of the Eddie Gale Inner Peace Concert
Date of Interview/Article:10/26/1999
Eddie's Gale's Concert for World Peace on Thursday, Oct 21 at the Luggage Store Gallery went very well. The Inner Peace Orchestra directed by Eddie played two really fine sets:

The first, "Warm" was a ballad-like theme over a repeated bass figure which was the foundation for the 50 minute piece. The solos were free and powerfully supported by Milo Francis and Marshall Trammell on drums and Joe Martinez on congas, as well as by Damon Smith and Adam Lane on contra bass.

The basses shifted between the ostinato figure, walking, and acro extravaganzas. Burton Greene and Scott Looney on snyth and keys also kept the pulse, as well as zapping the solists with cosmic rays. With Eddie (trumpet), Kash Killion (electrified cello), Marco Eneidi (alto sax), and Alicia Mangan & Jim Ryan on tenors, the front line was 100 per cent strong coming from blues, swing, bop, world, and totally new concepts. It was gratifying to hear the differences "Warm" embraced without any friction.

The second set comprised two pieces at up and upper tempos: "Inner Peace to You" and "This is Our World." Kash Killion played a wonderful sarangi solo on 'Inner Peace' and Eddie, Marco, Jim, and Alicia as well as Burton and Scott also contributed fantastic solo work. I can't go into it all but throughout the concert the solos were outstanding. This got to cooking so good on 'Inner Peace' that a fine lady in the audience was inspired to do a modern version of Salome's dance of the veils which in turn inspired the band to further greatness. (Joe Martinez had a great conga solo on this one.) I mean we were having a good time like we're supposed to in this life! The final piece, "This is Our World," was a burner for the crazy hi-tech world we live in . . . so them circuts was circulating at dervish tempo and the soloists was going off like fireworks and there was no doubt in anyone's mind that it was truly happening. Eddie closed it out with a fantastic hi atmospheric trumpet solo and was finally joined by the full band which exploded, then contracted in one last hit - END.

Eddie puts out an unpretentious, warm vibe . . . so there is no contention on the stand . . . it was a prayer for world peace . . . a strong one . . .The vibes were good . . . folks came out . . . THANKS to Derk Richardson who made it his choice in the Guardian . . . THANKS to John Lee for his great "" web site and for his support for the music. . . THANKS to Laurie Lazer and Darryl Smith directors of the Luggage Store Gallery . . . THANKS to the radio stations that announced the show . . . THANKS to the Creative Arts Collective for producing the show. . . THANKS
to Eddie Gale . . . THANKS to the BAND . . . and THANKS TO THE THE HIGHER POWERS which allow us to play and hear MUSIC.