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Happy Note Records

Happy Note Records is a music production company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The label's catalogue of music ranges from contemporary jazz to experimental, genre-bending fusion soundscapes and designs. Experience passion and dreams through original, and sometimes, eclectic music. The releases below are available for sale on iTunes, Google Play, and Bandcamp. Physical CDs are available on Amazon and select retailers. Also found on digital streaming services.

2016 – Happy Note Records Sampler, hottest selections from a life journey of music
2013 – Perfect Mold, meditative versions of classic and pop rock featuring vibraphone, piano and percussion
2010 – Xmas Vibe, holiday covers and original compositions that illicit starry wintry nights
2007 – The King Has Come (Digital only), soft rock with reggae beats and romance in the air
2006 – The Xman Cometh, Expect the Unexpected, funky beats and stories of sex, eroticism, politics, and street hustle
2005 – Hollywood & Heaven (currently out of print)