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Erototox Decodings

Erototox Decodings was originally started by Chandra Shukla and Carl Abrahamsson as an excuse for a label to release their own projects, namely XAMBUCA, Cotton Ferox and White Stains. It grew into more friends and allies in the eclectic, experimental and more often electronic sound worlds as a vehicle for their own releases and re-releases. It stands as a safe harbor where sounds are released on the basis of trust by those who were disenfranchised victims of the ever exclusive and scrutinizing music industry. Erototox is a label run by musicians for musicians and those who care to listen. Existing in an era where hard copies of music have slowly become a burden and cost that no one wants to suffer the damages of anymore.

With this said, Erototox Decodings has managed to survive in obscurity since 2005 with no formal distribution or consideration as worthy but has maintained itself as a strong music arm releasing those releases that often scale from the mediocre and absurd to the ever mind altering and essential.
Helena Espvall and Ernesto Diaz-Infante A Hallowed Shell of Ash and Rust 
Artist: Helena Espvall and Ernesto Diaz-Infante
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