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The Beak Doctor

The Beak Doctor, keen on living up to the responsibility of the ancient Codes of Construction, has committed its vast resources to the investigation of all auditory pathogens, and the exposure of these same sonic germs to the saliva of hungry ears.

These viruses include Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Greg Goodman, Rova, Henry Kaiser, Mats Gustafsson, and George Cremaschi. There is no immunization.
Greg Goodman A Similar Review 
Artist: Greg Goodman
BD 1 (LP only)
Greg Goodman & Evan Parker Abracadabra 
Artist: Greg Goodman & Evan Parker
BD 3 (LP only)
Greg Goodman, Rova, Henry Kaiser, etc. The Social/Science Sets 
Artist: Greg Goodman, Rova, Henry Kaiser, etc.
BD 5&6
Greg Goodman/Mats Gustafsson/George Cremaschi They Were Gentle and Pretty Pigs  
Artist: Greg Goodman/Mats Gustafsson/George Cremaschi
Audio Samples
BD 7
Greg Goodman/Garth Powell/George Cremaschi Woody Woodman's Circus of Construction 
Artist: Greg Goodman/Garth Powell/George Cremaschi
BD 8